Our Approach

We focus on seed fundraising and pre-financing for full-time students/associates possessing natural gifts and abilities but facing an unfavourable financial situation or low-income family status. The diversity of beneficiaries will be promoted by spreading catchments from different countries across Africa using pre-established criteria. In most cases, young talents are selected for funding by particular sponsors within a well-defined skill or talent requirement.

For selected candidates/associates in full-time academic or specialized programs, contrary to traditional banks approach, the sponsor will not ask for complete reimbursement of the money with an interest rate, but obtain the student’s personal commitment for differed professional work or help as a time counterpart during a certain period of their career, like in between the 5th and 10th year of his/her professional activity.

For part-time students with a wish and possibility to work while undergoing further studies or training in their place of domicile, they could get a similar sponsorship with an actual (non-differed) model, where they commit to dedicate a certain amount of time per year for duties and tasks corresponding to their limited abilities and experience to their sponsor.

Sponsor a candidate

EFFECT Africa is an education fund management project. Our intention is a deep commitment to an audacious explosion and growth of competitive talents and future entrepreneurs in Africa in fields like digital innovation, sports, creative arts, academics and research, science and technology, leadership, and other areas to be determined by the investment champions.