About us

We facilitate growth of African treasures

EFFECT Africa facilitates the growth of African Treasures as represented by talented young people in Africa who will later become recognized as National Treasures within their geographical boundaries. We have identified an untapped investment opportunity, investing in today’s future entrepreneurs and competitive talents whom we refer to as Associates.

EFFECT Africa came into existence on the conviction that all young men and women who possess exceptional abilities for innovation and wealth creation with demonstrated desires but lack financial resources should be given a hand for attaining local/global competitiveness and dynamic positioning in Africa.

Nurturing Innovators

The funding mechanisms targeting young people with profound abilities and innovativeness in Africa is limited. EFFECT Africa aims to target such talented young people doing creative and innovative things in selected socio-economic sectors and unlock untapped investment opportunities that accrue from the geniuses of these future entrepreneurs and competitive talents.

EFFECT Africa is a unique project led by the Founder, Dr Olugbenga Adeola Olowoye, a global citizen with residences in Europe and Africa over the last twenty years. He is a well-trained business professional with a deep understanding of impact investing and business innovation in the emerging markets of sub-Sahara Africa to unlock untapped investment opportunities resulting from the mind and might of young Africans. The team consists of dynamic investment professionals who are genuinely committed to changing the narratives of responsible impact investing in Africa.

Leadership Team


Investment Champions

The Investment Champions are rare breeds of seasoned investors and accelerators who have acquired considerable experience and knowledge about impact investing in the African context. They provide a coalition of excellence to help guide EFFECT Africa on the path to reaching its goals.


EFFECT Africa is an education fund management project. Our intention is a deep commitment to an audacious explosion and growth of competitive talents and future entrepreneurs in Africa in fields like digital innovation, sports, creative arts, academics and research, science and technology, leadership, and other areas to be determined by the investment champions.